Wednesday, July 16, 2008



总是在网上看到其他国家的网友出席什么发表会什么的。想不到这次竟然有机会出席,我当然不会放过咯(马上回复注册了)。来临星期二在Hort Park举行的D700发表会,到时应该会见到一些尼康的熟人吧。呵呵呵。。。

p/s: 下午收到电邮说位子满了,除了失望还是失望;我已经第一时间回复了。T_T 尼康,这是你对忠实用户的回报吗?

Dear Hor,
We’d love to have you there and we really hate to do this, but we have to inform you that the seats to the D700 Product Launch have been filled and we have stopped accepting RSVPs.

Please accept our sincere apologies. We have very few seats available this time round and they’ve been snatched up pretty quickly!

Nonetheless, thank you for your interest in the event. Till next time!

Nikon Club Singapore

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