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Venue: Promenade Level 8, NLB 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064
Date: 21 - 31 October 2008

`A detail overwhelms the entirety of my reading; it is an intense mutation of my interest; a fulguration. By the mark of something; the photograph is no longer anything whatever’ This something has triggered me; has provoked a tiny shock, a satori, the passage of a void (it is of no significance that its referent is insignificant)…what I see…is the off-center detail… I am a primitive; a child – a maniac; I dismiss all knowledge; all culture, I refuse to inherit anything from another eye than my own.
Roland Barthes in Camera Lucida

While architecture is there with its attributes of space and form; light and shade; and its materiality; architecture in photography as a subject matter lies not in this finality: what is more critical is that architecture in photo media documents a process, capturing gestures in space and time.

Documentation involves mapping out the spatial experience through a spatial dialogue. The spatial dialogue can be a work in progress: at that very moment, it is possible to capture semblances of the final architecture. Within the layers of meaning that are created and read, a dialogue also involves revisiting an experience over time.

These readings are positions in space, translated to construct a mental architecture.The process of Architecture Photography is an effort where the consciousness of spaces is etched out before the camera’s eye; this can sometimes be forgotten, or taken for granted. Every image that is photographed undergoes a mental framing before it is realised in the actual shoot.

This framing takes a moment; but it is moment of layered meaning, already processed in my mind. The layers – mental constructs – frame an understanding of the intrinsic qualities of architecture. With a mind uncluttered by suggestions as to what the architecture might become, every moment is negotiated within the space and in the act of this dialogue: the frame captures the whole gesture of the architecture in that moment.

Albert Lim KS is a renowned Singapore-based photographer who has honed his craft over 20 years. He is the photographer of choice for many leading architects and developers in Southeast Asia.

His pictures have been published in leading international architectural magazines including a+u (Japan), d+a (Singapore), Architectural Review (UK), Architecture Australia, MIMAR, Singapore Institute of Architects Journal, World Architecture (UK), Space (Singapore) and Monument (Australia)/ He has also been a photographer of record for the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture (AKAA) and his photographs have featured in exhibitions at the Venice Biennale and Aedes East Berlin.

His portfolio includes resorts, hotels, airports, MRT stations, schools, condominiums and houses. His experience extends to aerial photography. Currently he is working on a book on Singapore Houses. He is also a Nikon sponsored photographer.

The architectural writer and critic Robert Powell who regularly works with Albert Lim says of him, "he has a keen eye, a steady hand, an unflappable temperament and complete honesty – qualities I have come to value over the years".


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